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Commercial Demo - ELLEY RAY
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Character Demo - ELLEY RAY
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Animation Demo - ELLEY RAY
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Broadcast Narration - ELLEY RAY
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Audiobook Demo - ELLEY RAY
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Non-Broadcast Narration - ELLEY RAY
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Promo Demo - ELLEY RAY
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“If you are an actor looking to break into the wonderful world of Animation Voiceover, then you have just found the Pearly Gates. Very few actors that do well in this in industry in Canada have not at some point studied creating animation characters with her!”


EMMY Award Nominated Casting & Voice Director

“Elley-Ray Hennessy is a brilliant and passionate teacher who imparts wisdom and practical knowledge based on her many years of working as one of Canada’s top voice actors.”


Casting & Voice Director

"Elley-Ray's energy and creativity bursts past the mic and makes a living breathing 3D character appear before you at each record.  She is fantastic!"


Voice Actress & Director

"Elley Ray is a longtime stalwart in the voice industry,

and for a damn good reason.  She’s one of its premier talents.”


Voice Director

"Elley Ray is a force of nature. She is dedicated to her craft, and her experience and focus elevates the performance of those around her. Elley is always a joy to work with, and brings an exuberance to each and every performance."


Casting & Voice Director

“I’ve been auditioning Elley for over 25 years. 

She always brings something unexpected and joyful to her deliveries which is why... 

I’ve also been booking Elley for over 25 years. Love this woman!” 


Casting & Voice Director

"I am very fortunate to have been voice directed by Elley-Ray Hennessy in 2 feature films, ZBaw and Alley of Dreams. Elley-Ray’s infectious energy and joy as well as impeccable timing, respect for the work and the talent make her a delight to work with. She is a consummate pro who instinctively knows what’s needed in every scene while creating space for performers to play and add a touch of something special. I really loved my time in studio with Elley-Ray on these projects!"


Award-Winning Voice Actress

"Elley Ray is a unique creative force,  She is inspired and inspiring.   She is a talented voice actor as well as an outstanding collaborator, and her energy permeates and lifts any project.  A delight to work with as she brings great insights and creativity to the table and then invites input and builds up on that.  She encourages the best out of her co workers.  I love to have her on any project!  Anytime!"


Casting & Voice Director

"I’m a huge fan of yours - you have an unrivalled passion for everything you do - your energy - your fire - fiercely committed to performance and storyline - an explosive talent on both sides of the glass.  Any project is in good hands with Elley Ray!  An elite director! All from the bottom of my heart!  Keep pushin’ the envelope - You're the best!"


Voice Actor

"There is something elemental and luminous about being directed by Elley Ray. Do you believe in other worlds? Well you are reading a testimony about being masterfully directed into them. Elley is hugely talented at reeling in the magical side of a performance. Elley dissects scripts into emotional reveries that always enable an actor’s discovery. She hoists up the narrative naturally and expertly. She possesses an inclusive clarity that draws together actor and character. And she is an expert at unlocking a moment for an actor that may appear hijacked or momentarily stuck. Her energy is boundless and she’s a privilege to work with. Elley’s enormous talents always serve the small moments and the larger narrative. A born leader and a champion to the story and storyteller alike."


Voice Actress

“So far the gem that has come my way is YOU! I have had the privilege and honour of working under the direction of the formidable Elley-Ray Hennessy on various occasions. Her positive, enthusiastic and celebratory approach to directing is matched by her ability to clearly and articulately convey performance directions. She sets a distinctly positive tone in the booth and fosters a creative, collaborative yet controlled work environment. As an experienced actor and director, she brings a plethora of knowledge, professionalism and heart to everything she touches.”



Voice Actress

“If you want to get the best from your performance look no further than Elley-Ray.

She creates an atmosphere so open and fearless, that you always elevate the material. And that’s what it’s all about. I should be so lucky to have her direct all of my projects in the future. She’s the best in the biz.”


Voice Actor

"I owe my entire voice career to Elley-Ray.  Being directed by her is a once in a life time experience. She will fix the broken areas in your performance, and inject heart, humor and creativity into the story.  She nurtures the artist's soul and will be your biggest cheerleader.  As a director, the wisdom, care and attention she brings to a script is unlike anything I've seen before.  As a performer, she is like a ROCKETSHIP - she goes from 0 to 100, blasting off with a creative force that is truly out of this world.  Thank you for making me a better performer and being my biggest fan - but most importantly, one of my dearest friends.  Love you, my Toronto Mom!"

Steph Lynn Robinson

Award-Nominated Voice Actress

"We are proud to call Elley Ray a distinguished alumni of our School...she is a most generous teacher, and is one of the hardest workers I know. She is an excellent role model for students. With her busy schedule, she always finds time for teaching. She is lovely, vibrant, has tireless energy and is a welcoming addition to any team. Hire her, you won't find better."


Director, School of Dramatic Arts

University of Windsor

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